ATOMIC ROAR “Never Human Again”

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Never Human Again is a conceptual album with 8 tracks. The story begins years after the Atomic Freaks album events.
The world is devastated by conflicts and bombardments of the past.
There are three groups of survivors: those who seek the end of everything worshiping an atomic bomb as a god, awaiting great explosion day; those who gave up everything are waiting for the end, buried alive in their on graves; and finally, there are those who didn’t give up on surviving, hidden inside iron shelters across the ghost cities.
These will be hunted with no mercy! is in style of the band.

Country: Brazil
Label: Bestial Invasion Records
Year: 2017
Genre: Thrash Metal


1. Never Human Again
2. Dreaming in an Iron Shelter
3. Nobody Wins
4. Exiled Into the Graves
5. Scent of Fear
6. Ghost City
7. Hail to the Bomb
8. Winds of Wateland


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