BLOOD STRONGHOLD “The Triumph of Wolfish Destiny”

BLOOD STRONGHOLD The Triumph of Wolfish Destiny


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Medieval, archaic heathen Black Metal, 2nd full-lenght from this Polish-Australian ensemble.
Jewelcase CD with 8 pages booklet.

Country: Poland / Australia
Label: Witches Sabbath / Werewolf Promotion
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2017

1. Ancient Forest Gates (Wandering I)
2. Born of Steel Obscurity
3. Envenom the Viscera of Revenge
4. Blood Moon Empire
5. Untrodden Fullmoon Paths (Wandering II)
6. The Triumph of Wolfish Destiny
7. The Honoured Liege
8. The Riese of the Wolven Sun
9. Winter Ruins and Memory (Wandering III)

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