CIANIDE “Unhumanized”

CIANIDE Unhumanized


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CIANIDE’s rich discography reads like a study in unselfconsciousness: one could say the power-trio are strategic in how sparingly they release longer-form records, but they simply release records when they’re ready, prizing quality over quantity. And indeed, the five-song/26-minute Unhumanized is a gutbusting bounty of QUALITY. CIANIDE’s first non-split recording since the massively acclaimed Gods of Death LP in 2011 courtesy of HELLS HEADBANGERS, Unhumanized proves that the power-trio are hungrier and more energetic than ever. No great changes in their signature sound here – just time-honored traditions like DEATH, headbanging gallops, and immediately memorable songwriting. If anything, the production on Unhumanized is among their clearest yet, but simply adds to how utterly CRUSHING that CIANIDE signature is.

Death, doom, destruction: 31 years strong, CIANIDE have become Unhumanized!

Country: United States
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Genre: Death / Doom Metal
Year : 2019

1. Serpent’s Wake
2. Unhumanized
3. The Weapon of Curse
4. Traitors
5. Shadow of the Claw

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