DARK FURY “On The Trail Of A Victor”

DARK FURY On The Trail Of A Victor


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Radical Black Metal alliance from Poland live album. Double CD.

Chapter I: Verona Nera recorded on 17.09.2017 in North Italy.
Chapter II: Slavonic Thunder in Germania recorded on 03.09.2011 in Eastern Germany.

Country: Poland
Label: Lower Silesian Stronghold
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2020

Disc 1 – Verona Nera
1. Goatfuckers
2. Sharp Steel
3. Anthem of Upcoming War
4. Ciernie na ojczystej ziemi
5. Young Blood
6. Werewolf
7. Wróg nowego porządku
8. Orzeł i lew
9. The Forge
10. This Story Happened Before
Disc 2 – Slavonic Thunder In Germania
1. Young Blood
2. After the Battle
3. No Tolerance
4. Wojenny krzyk
5. Werewolf
6. Endless War
7. A Blaze of Hatred
8. Vae Victis!
9. Fuck Off and Die (Thor’s Hammer cover)
10. The Song of Treading Death
11. Final Solution
12. Ira


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