DEMONIC SLAUGHTER “Dark Paths to Catharsis”

DEMONIC SLAUGHTER Dark Paths to Catharsis (2)


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Traditional Atmospheric Black Metal, raw, cold and grim with unsettling vocals
Sixth album on CD with great 16 pages booklet including impious lyrics !
10 tracks for more 63 minutes of various dark sound.
With members from Xaos Oblivion, Abusiveness, Sytris, Morxakh,..

Country: Poland
Label: Lower Silesian Stronghold
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2015

1. Entering the Valley of Mists
2. Dark Paths to Catharsis
3. Beyond the Blackest Nights
4. Through the Past of Desolation
5. Black Rain
6. Grey Scum Funeral
7. Rituals of Honour and Revenge
8. Between the Black Trees
9. Into the Cold Mountains
10. Awakening

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