DESECRESY “The Mortal Horizon”

DESECRESY the Mortal Horizon


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5th album by this finnish band that plays a crushingly heavy type of Death Metal with Doom hints and a dark, cryptic & eerie atmosphere inspired by bands like ABHORRENCE (fin),
BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX, DERKETA, RIPPIKOULU, GRAVE, INCANTATION, ROTTREVORE… and in general getting inspiration from 90’s Death Metal.

Country: Finland
Label: Xtreem Music
Gener: Death Metal
Year : 2017

1. Amidst
2. Horizon Blazing
3. Percussive Necromancy
4. Excavation
5. Concealed Depths
6. Atrophoid
7. Telekinetic Ignition
8. Perpetual Waves
9. Approaching Infinity

You may listen HERE

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