DEVOID “Return to the Void” (The Complete Recorded Works)

DEVOID Return to the Void


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Compilation CD : “Blackened Empire” (1991), demo “Human Plague” (1990) and demo/promo Circle Of Hypocrites” (1992).The complete works of this early 90s UK death metal band. Over an hour of death.

Band featuring Carlo Regadas (ex-Carcass, ex-Blackstar). All songs remastered. Absolutely recommended for all fans of early/mid 90´s Death Metal and most especially bands such as Death, Cancer, Benediction, Immolation, Incubator, Obituary…

Country: United Kingdom
Label: Dark Blasphemies Records
Genre: Death Metal
Year : 2015

1. Entangled
2. Banished from Humanity
3. Relentless Anguish
4. Obsession Syndrome
5. Live Through My Pain
6. Burning Rage
7. Defiance
8. Human Plague (Demo 90)
9. Doomed (Demo 90)
10. Beyond Your Destiny (Demo ’90)
11. Bond of Secrets (Promo ’92)
12. Circle of Hypocrites (Promo ’92)
13. Hazed Insight (Promo ’92)

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