EGO DEPTHS “Equilibrium Sickness”

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“…At length, the main positive point is that the album sounds all the time like a well-constructed piece, and not like a collection of songs. This is an awesome debut record which is highly recommended not only to fans of Primitive Funeral Doom but also those who are unable to exist without repression…A great deal of hidden torture and mutilation to be found in this lonely doll if one knows how to look…”
Country: Ukraine
Label: Arx Productions
Year: 2009
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
1.Blindness as a Punishment for the Unchristened (Instrumental Praeludium)
2.Timelorn Madness
3. Endless Day (Forever Burning in an Aching Heart)  
4. Emanation… (…Off Pain)  
5. Sear Me (My Dying Bride cover)
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