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Endless Main is a power metal quintet from Slovakia. Sure, Slovakia isn’t the first country that pops into someone’s mind when power metal is mentioned. Most people would rather think of Sweden, the motherland of bombastic, arena-like power metal, or Germany, the nation where the genre was born. However, these guys have nothing to desire from the most well-known acts. Their sound differs from the typical Euro-power feeling that many people -including me- love. The songs are constructed around strong,
almost thrashy riffs and long solos, while the keyboard usage isn’t really extended.

Country: Slovakia
Label: Slovak Metal Army
Year: 2017
Genre: Power/Thrash Metal

1. The War
2. Into the Light
3. Lastman Standing
4. Awaken Dreamer
5. Dying Heart of a Dying Man
6. Fall
7. I Will
8. Age of Darkness
9. Nothing

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