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After their successfully debut album back in 2012 the Italian undeads are back in best murderous shape. FDA Records is really proud to release ERODED’s brillant new ghoulish full length album ‘NECROPATH’. Expect morbid songs, early 90s European Death Metal with a own note and a proper Scandi production.

ERODED was formed back in 2003 in Alessandria/Italy and so far released 2 demos, one compilation and the debut full length ‘ENGRAVINGS OF A GRUESOME EPITAPH’. The band contains members and ex- of MORTUARY DRAPE, VOIDS OF VOMIT etc.

Country: Italy
Label: F.D.A. Records
Year: 2018
Genre: Death Metal

1. Eternal Warspate
2. Oath of the Raidergods
3. Throne of No Return
4. Of Graven Blood on Earth
5. Necropath
6. Apocalyptomb
7. Maelstrom of Massacre
8. Last Altar Shall Be Affliction

You may listen HERE

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