EVIL MACHINE “War in Heaven”

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Old school Metal from Poland featuring members from Vader, Hermh, Hate i Dead Infection with guest appearance from Seth (Behemoth), Peter (Vader) and Cezar (Christ Agony. Death, black and thrash metal blended into one. Super jewel case edition in slipcase with booklet printed on raw paper.
Country: Poland
Label: Arachnophobia Records
Year: 2013
Genere: Thrash/Death Metal
1. Cross Meant Death
2. When Demons Call
3. Prometeus
4. DiabeĊ‚
5.Four Demons of Apocalypse
6.Onslaught (Power from Hell) (Onslaught cover)
7.Bloody Emperor
8. Evil Machine
9.Die Hard (Venom cover)
10. Jerusodoma
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