EVOKED “Ravenous Compulsion”

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“Ravenous Compulsion” needs only slightly more than half an hour to give you a classic lesson you’ll love to put on repeat.

Topped off by a gloriously gory artwork, the album alternates between quasi-Swedish buzz (‘Into Obliteration’) and blissfully hideous doom in the vein of Autopsy, at times even blackly blasting as in ‘Festering Alive’, constantly swinging and swashbuckling in equal measure. Fast barnstormers like the opening ‘Resurrect the Source’, the impossibly catchy ‘The Trophy’
or the thrash tango that is ‘Desolate Animation’ brim with both youthful exuberance and the deliberate songcraft you’d expect from seasoned masters … which Evoked, too, are destined to become.

Country: Germany
Label: F.D.A. Records
Year: 2019
Genre: Death Metal

1. Resurrect the Source
2. Not of Human Flesh
3. The Trophy
4. Ravenous Compulsion
5. Into Obliteration
6. Desolate Animation
7. Festering Alive
8. Putrid Faith

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