FOREST “Forest”

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This demo is a highly developed work, which absorbs influences ranging from classics like Slayer and Celtic Frost to contemporaries such as Burzum and Ildjarn, and is even pioneering pagan and depressive acts. And while its ingredients were not entirely new, it demonstrates a distinct take on black metal, and is not hesitant to draw strength from its own folkish influences and melancholic leanings. It ranks among the greater works of black metal.
This release contains all the tracks from both Forest reh. demo ’94 and Forest debut album ’96, including those previously unreleased, just like the vinyl version.
Country: Russia
Label: Der Schwarze Tod
Year: 2018
Genere: Black Metal
1. As a Shade over This Land
2. Fire and Ashes Before the Open Wide Horizons
3. …Crimson in the Drowning
4.Enburnst the Christian
5.Над пенным морем Ратияром (edit)
6.Тенью над землёй (1994 version)

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