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Pathogen treads the bloody left hand path of musical atrocities its way into oblivion. After nearly four years in the making, “Ashes Of Eternity” is Pathogen’s most furious and aggressive outing to date! Delivering nine fatal munitions of multi-megaton death metal mayhem from the hellish shores of the Philippines, Pathogen once again brings to you death-whether you want it or not! It’s a ruthless metal for the fans of an oldschool.
“Ashes Of Eternity” released on the gold CD, all copies hand numbered.

Country: Poland
Label: Old Temple
Year: 2017
Genre: Black Metal

1. Hail to Infernal Power
2. Prayer
3. Seven Gates of Chaos & Destruction
4. Sheep Slaughterer-Worshiper of Goat

You may listen HERE

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