FROZEN SHADOWS “Empire de glaces”

Frozen-Shadows-Empire-de-glaces cover


“The underground Canadian scene has always proposed to us the most ultimate bands ever. FROZEN SHADOWS play black metal of the most savage kind, there is no quiet moment during this five song demo. The strong point of the band is their symphonic/atmospheric side which, according to me, is mostly influenced by EMPEROR. This is a well-produced demo with a beautiful cover in which FROZEN SHADOWS even allow themselves the indulgence to sing in french. But be careful, this demo is exclusively reserved to the fans of the most extreme black metal…”
Country: Canada
Label:  Millenium Metal Music
Gener: Black Metal
Year : 2000
1.Au seuil des ténèbres
2.Adrift in the Sepulchral Snow
3.Return to Supremacy
4.Forests of Perdition
5. Coldest Infinity
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