GOATPENIS “Depleted Ammunition”

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33 minutes of pulverizing, barbaric Black Grind War Metal insanity. This third full lenght album takes the almost freeform chaos of the original demos, mixed with the heaviness of “Inhumanization” and creative prowess of “Biochemterrorism”. Reissue of 2011 album.
Country: Brazil
Label: Pagan War Distro Rex
Year: 2017
Genre:   Old School Black / Death
1. FROG-7 Missiles  
2. MGM-5 Corporal  
3. M110 Howitzer  
4. M107 175MM SP  
5. MGM-29 Sergeant  
6.W70 Nuclear Warhead
7. Potentially Weaponizable CLGG  
8.Railgun – E.E.G.
9. Mass Driver (Electromagnetic Catapult)  
10.MK-71 8
11. Combustion Light Gas Gun (CLGG)
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