GOATPENIS / KURGAALL “Satanic Terror Weapons”



Hateful winds blow from north to south hemisphere. Pagan War Rex presents one of the most arrogant and bestialized releases in 2016 (Anno bastardi). Goatpenis Vs Kurgaall split cd, a final cult to the purest Armageddon, warmongering, devotion and cosmic intolerance. Aquilon and Auster in destructive profusion to the end and beginning of times. A cataclysmic soundtrack for destruction and cleansing of the world! Stay alive!

Country: Brazil
Label: Pagan War Distro
Year: 2016
Genere: War Black Metal

1. Goatpenis – Carnivorous Ability
2. Goatpenis – Allucinatory Sirens
3. Kurgaall – Terror
4. Kurgaall – Heretic Weapons


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