GOATPENIS / KURGAALL “Satanic Terror Weapons”



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Hateful winds blow from north to south hemisphere. Pagan War Rex presents one of the most arrogant and bestialized releases in 2016 (Anno bastardi). Goatpenis Vs Kurgaall split cd, a final cult to the purest Armageddon, warmongering, devotion and cosmic intolerance. Aquilon and Auster in destructive profusion to the end and beginning of times. A cataclysmic soundtrack for destruction and cleansing of the world! Stay alive!

Country: Brazil
Label: Pagan War Distro
Year: 2016
Genere: War Black Metal

1. Goatpenis – Carnivorous Ability
2. Goatpenis – Allucinatory Sirens
3. Kurgaall – Terror
4. Kurgaall – Heretic Weapons

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