HADES ARCHER “Temple Of The Impure”

HADES ARCHER Temple Of The Impure


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Aptly titled as anything currently out there, Temple of the Impure is the foundation on which HADES ARCHER hereby assert their
dominance across the nowadays underground metal scene. Behold mastery, and bow down.

Country: Chile
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2017

1. Intro (Ikkibu Ardu)
2. Chaos Teratosis Chimeras
3. The Gods Sold This World for Destruction
4. Circus of Abominations
5. Sex Sex Sex Perversions
6. Great Moon Tide
7. Hecate Undressed
8. Unus Cantus Bestiae
9. Temple of the Impure
10. Apollyon’s Brightness
11. The World Inheritance
12. Outro (Homodeus Abortunction)

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