HOLOCAUST “Obscurum Satanic Rites”



New album from USA Holocaust black metal band will be release in november by Pagan War Rex. Album is recorded and mastered in Los Angeles, California, by Adrian Mejia (ex-Sadistic Intent), who has worked with great bands as Inquisition. Holocaust musical themes involve magic, occultism, misanthropy, nature and satanic propaganda.

Country: United States
Label: Pagan War Distro
Year: 2016
Genere: Black Metal

1. Intro ( Hyms of Night)
2. Crusade of Torment
3. Occultus Rituale
4. Pagan Storms
5. Decimation Spells
6. King of Cosmos
7. Beyon Death’s Gate
8. My soul for the glory of satan
9. For the God’s, this Ritual of Mine
10. Obscurum Satanic Rites


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