ILL OMEN “Remnant Spheres Of Spiritual Equilibrium”

ILL OMEN Remnant Spheres Of Spiritual Equilibrium


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“…The music on this recording is mostly slow to mid-paced, set within the uncomfortably harrowing territory between Black Metal and Funeral Doom. The atmosphere is lush, but bleak, exuding a palpable sense of spiritual anguish. Listening closely, one hears within the folds of the densely woven sonic fabric the frayed threads of consciousness coping with the decay of the spirit – the torturous and irremediable collapse of the vaulted chambers of the soul. Mastered specifically for vinyl by BR (Grave Upheaval/Temple Nightside), the sound is spacious and resonant, conjuring the forlorn sensation attendant to profound solitude. The flawless integration of the production with the superb character of the songwriting renders “Remnant Spheres of Spiritual Equilibrium”
one of the most mesmerizing and hypnotic Ill Omen recordings to date…”

– J. Campbell

Country: Australia
Label: Nihilward Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2019

1. The Summon… (Ominous Chants of Archaic Tongue)
2. Subterranean Litany (Of Shadows Endless)
3. Vociferous Weight of the Silenced (The Great Lake of Sorrow)
4. Elegy Beneath the Abhorrent Name; For It Is Holy… (Crucifixion, Wound over Wound)

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