KALMANKANTAJA “Viimeinen Virsi”

Kalmankantaja-Viimeinen-Virsi cover


Great atmospheric black metal from Finland.
Jewelcase cd with 4-page booklet. Re-released in 2016 by Wolfspell Records, limited to 500 copies.
“This album, and in particular the title track, is the black metal distillation of every moment of loneliness, loss, and alienation I’ve ever felt. i love how the melodies, all equally compelling and memorable, are tied together and segue smoothly into one another. The distant shrieking vocals and the heavy distortion on the guitars are the epitome of black metal. great, great album.” – Ellen Partnoy
Country: Finland
Label:  Wolfspell Records
Gener:  Black Metal
Year : 2016
1.Elämä, kuolemantuoja
2. Musta mieli
3. Viimeinen virsi
4. Ikiuni
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