KILLCHAIN “Where Is Your Saviour”

KILLCHAIN Where Is Your Saviour


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The third album of Killchain will be worldwide released through Metal Age Productions on 10-06-2014. “Where is your savior..“ was recorded in 2013 at the Tetradrot Studio (Vranou nad Toplou, Slovakia).
Get ready for 10 tracks of death/grind maniacs. Recommended for fans of Misery Index and Aborted.

Country: Slovakia
Label: Metal Age Productions
Year: 2013
Genre: Death Metal

1. Intro
2. I’m Rotting from Inside Out
3. God the Government
4. Reborn of New Man
5. Where the Dreams of Dreamed
6. The Fury of Us All
7. I Enjoy the Smell from Your Mouth
8. Lifetime
9. Deeds of Anxliously Hope
10. Judge Enforce Silence
11. Where Is Your Saviour, You Fucking Dog

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