LECHIA “Akt Woli”

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Elite Pagan death metal from Poland from a member of black metal legends Gontyna Kry. This is 90-s era sounding melodic death metal with great use of guitar leads, rhythms and harmonies. Vocals consist of sorrowful growls and occasional clean singing.
Always quality songwriting compositions and skilled performance from this artist. Great stuff!

Country: Poland
Label: Hell Is Here
Year: 2010
Genre: Pagan Metal

1. Panteon (Prolog)
2. Bitewna pieśń
3. Nasze słowa będą czynem
4. Gdzie zaległy cienie
5. Szept Bałtyku
6. Plony
7. Pogarda
8. Płomień w naszych sercach
9. Poprzez chaos
10. Chory kraj
11. Ku wieczności (Epilog)

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