NORDVREDE “Legion Nordvrede”

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Witness the majesty of an audible northern violence. “Legion Nordvrede” is a hymn of hatred for all those worshipping the glorious times of 90’s Norwegian Black Metal. This album is hateful, violent and demonic enough to retake the old glory of GORGOROTH.
Cursed be the songs of your love! Feel the true wrath of the diabolical North!

Country: Norway
Label: Darker than Black Records
Year: 2017
Genre: Black Metal

1.Hensvunnet i blodraud skodde
2.Erigert norrøn ild
4.Jernbeslaatte haeler
5.Fountains of Inferior Blood
6.Forbannet være din lovsang
7.Endelig søndag! (Kirkeliv)
8.Hat og elite

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