OBSCURE INFINITY “Into The Vortex Of Obscurity”

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OBSCURE INFINITY have completed their 4th album entitled “Into The Vortex Of Obscurity” which is going to be released through FDA Records, March 22nd. 2019 ! The new album includes 8 songs that will for sure appeal to any fan of bands like DISSECTION, CARCASS, AT THE GATES, EDGE OF SANITY or PESTILENCE.

Country: Germany
Label: F.D.A. Records
Year: 2019
Genre: Death Metal

1. Embrace Obscurity
2. A Cosmic Disgrace
3. Grotesque Face
4. Invoke Deliverance
5. Lightning Spear (A Forlorn Wanderer Part II)
6. Void of the Soul
7. Withering Starseed Under the Cosmic Vault
8. Swallowed by Time and Darkness

You may listen HERE

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