OVERCHARGE “Speedsick”



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Born 2012 in Italy. Starting in the 1st years to spread its sound in Italian and European hardcore, crust, punk and metal scene. After a 7″ and a 1st album, these metal-punx are back with another full-length called “speedsick”. Once more you’ll get 10 blazing tracks of metal influenced crust. OVERCHARGE is the missing link between DISCHARGE and MOTÖRHEAD.
If you like your beers warm and jackets studded, this limited (500 copies) d-beat rock ‘n’ roll is for you!

Country: Italy
Label: Metal Age Production
Year: 2016
Genre: Speed Metal

1. Downtown Inferno
2. Speedsick
3. Warbeat
4. Ride as One
5. Wrong Path
6. Wasteland Rust
7. Out of the Lockup
8. Only in Dreams (Anti-Cimex cover)
9. Fuck Them 
10. Demons

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