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We are so proud to announce the last death metal opus named Idolatry from Slovak death metal legends.
The album is made of kinetic blasting and powerful guitar riffs implemented in ten energetic songs, a massive wall of dynamic sound giving it a new and exciting dimension.

PERVERSITY are still going strong and their new studio album is hard proof of their continual mastery and domination of death metal that they steered in a new, more refined direction.
They are very excited to show all the people “Idolatry” and all about playing live.

Country: Slovakia
Label: Metal Age Production
Year: 2017
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

1. Blackmoon Offerings
2. Inter-sectioned
3. Bloodletting Covenance
4. Discreated but Reborn
5. Altar of the Swine
6. Necrobeast
7. Sadistic Rites
8. Ibex Cult Orgy
9. Aphotic
10. Womb of Abhorrence

You may listen HERE

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