RAVNSVART – In den Fangen der Kalte



Debut full length on CD. True cold and grim black metal from Germany.

Country: Germany
Label: Black Blood Records
Year: 2012

1. Blut & Rache (Prolog)
2. Seelenwanderung
3. Death to the Traitor
4. My Misanthropic Path
5. Ravnsvart
6. Blinded by the Eternal Flame
7. Mercenary from the Other Side
8. In the Shadows of Neverending Hate
9. Zwischen Zorn und Nebel (Interludium)
10. Winterkrieg
11. Vision vom Reich der Dunkelheit
12. Firestorm of the Unholy Tyrants
13. Des alten Wanderers Rachsucht
14. Freezing Moon (Mayhem Cover)
15. Frost & Asche (Epilog)
16. In the Shadows of Neverending Hate (Rehearsal)

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