RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER “Caverns of Perdition”

RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER Caverns of Perdition cover


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Death, as it happens, is intrinsically lethal, so its metallic expression should be no less than that,
a quality granted with increasing rarity these days, though … but Reckless Manslaughter have returned with their third full-length to stay true to what once made the genre great.

Country: Germany
Label: F.D.A. Records
Year: 2019
Genre: Death Metal

1. Blast into Oblivion
2. Unleash the Spirits of the Fallen
3. Operation Chastise
4. Vaporized Crucifix
5. Into Unknown Caverns
6. Catacombs of Perpetual Damnation
7. Stiffshifter
8. Decay in Embryo
9. Funeralmaster

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