RUIN “Human Annihilation”

RUIN Human Annihilation


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The long-awaited 2nd album of America´s Ruin.Ruin strike while the iron´s red-hot and deliver another foul cauldron of filth with “Human Annihilation”. Shit-heavy and strewn with shit, “Human Annihilation” picks up exactly where their “Drown in Blood” ended, and delivers pure and utter ugliness enriched with doomed-out passages, crusty tempos and sudden blasts that are meant to turn your stomach without care. And yet, compared to its predecessor, “Human Annihilation” goes even deeper into the creepiness; its soundfield is still vile and viscous, but there´s an even-more-pronounced lurking dread haunting their no-less-heavy ruminations. If “Drown in Blood” was some sort of bastard child spawned from Hellhammer covers being slammed out by “Realm of Chaos”-era Bolt Thrower taking place in the jam room of Finnish sickos Abhorrence in 1989, then “Human Annihilation” is the beyond-drunk and drugged-out aftermath, where there´s simply no escape from the disease-ridden basement.

Country: United States
Label: Memento Mori
Genre: Death Metal
Year : 2018

1. Secreted Guts
2. In Horrific Disgust
3. Corpse Infestation
4. Death Meditation Trance
5. Savage Mutilation
6. The Embrace of Demons
7. Purification Rite
8. A Grisly Fate Awaits
9. In Their Blood…
10. Shadows

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