SACRILEGIUM “Embrace the Darkness”



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Sacrilegium “Embrace the Darkness” – the material from 1999 never published before. As a bonus, one track from the split with North and a cult demo ‘Sleeptime’ from 1994!

55 minutes of insanity and blasphemous Mysterium from the pioneers of Polish Black Metal!
Sacrilegium – A legendary band, which together with Behemoth and Graveland, created the might of Elite Polish Black Metal scene!!

Country: Poland
Label: Odium Rex
Year: 2006

1. Lilitu Aria
2. The Serpent’s Throne
3. Mare Tenebrarum
4. Tam gdzie gaśnie dzień…
5. Dawn
6. Empty Side of Soul
7. Unholy Dream
8. Silence
9. Darkness…
10. Twilight

You may listen HERE

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