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Magnetic individual Black Metal opus with melancholic atmosphere of Old France. Nostalgia, alcohol and deep loneliness pierces music by tragic moods and woeful inspiration!
Compact disc in a jewel case with a designed 16-pages booklet (heavy cardboard-like matte laminated cover, logotypes and text are printed with a selected UV-varnish, rough offset paper inside a booklet). Limited to 500 copies.
Country: France
Label: Der Schwarze Tod / COD Music
Year: 2016
Genere: Black Metal
1. Corbeaux du soir, espoir
2. Edelweiss
3. Freux follet
4. L’Exil
5. Un saule
6. Oiseau de malheur
7. Santé nom de freux!
8. Entre chien et loup
9. Nuit blanche en allier
10. À fleur de plaies

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