SLAUGHTBBATH “Alchemical Warfare”

SLAUGHTBBATH Alchemical Warfare


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The SLAUGHBBATH name is thus iron-fisted, inexorable, and immaculate.

With more eyes than ever on the Chilean black/death scene, it’s high time that the leaders separate themselves from the followers.
SLAUGHTBBATH firmly and furiously take the torch and lead the way forward with Alchemical Warfare.

Country: Chile
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2019

1. Ritual Bloodbath
2. Resuscitated by Immortal Scorn
3. Cavern of Misanthropy
4. Prophetic Crucifixion
5. Rejoined into Chaos
6. Alchemical Warfare
7. Amulets of Carnage
8. Celestial Overthrow
9. Ascension to the Dragon’s Throne

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