SOUL MAGGOT “Ominous Darkness” [digipak]

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Soul Maggot combine only the most devilish of tremolos with old school death vocals and some truly wretched riffs.  On first pass I considered this to just be some brutally-inclined death metal, but there is more than meets the eye.  They navigate through a plethora of influences: Portal, Howls of Ebb, Gutter Instinct; there’s even some doom elements to “The Pathfinder.”  Compositions are deceptively intricate when you wipe away the slime and pull back the gangrenous tissue.
Country: Poland
Label: Self Release
Year: 2016
Genere: Black/Death Metal
1. Invocation of the One in Despair
2. The Pathfinder
3. Elder Blood
4. Ominous Darkness
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