TAGHUT “Ejaculate Upon The Holy Qur’an”



Raw and primitive black metal with really powerful and catchy riffs. This is pure BLASPHEMY! The Antichrist Has Arrived…God is Dead! Allah Is Dead! Christ Is Dead! Muhammad is Dead! All of mankind is mdoomed to a certain fate of DEATH!!

Country: Unidet States
Label: Primitive Reaction
Year: 2008
Genere: Black Metal

1. Reichquiem (Introdestruction)
2. Piss on the Altar of God
3. Ejaculate upon the Holy Qur’an
4. Exterminate Christianity
5. Terrorist
6. Branded 666
7. Jesus Christ and the Christian Church
8. The Fist of Satan
9. Burn the Holy Nations of Islam
10. Fascist Regime
11. Better to Reign in Hell…
12. The Arrogant Jews
13. Blaspheme Muhammad’s Name
14. This World Belongs to Satan
15. The Oldest Man
16. Hail the Crucifixion
17. To Serve and Protect
18. March of Hate (Outrodestruction)