TORTURE RACK “Barbaric Persecution”

TORTURE RACK Barbaric Persecution


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Brutal, gruesome, bulldozing, ultra-heavy and downtuned Death Metal that will crack your every bone at their rack and take you back to the glorious Death Metal of yore when bands such as Rottrevore, Decrepit, Morpheus Descends, Imprecation, Goreaphobia, Baphomet, Deteriorot, Execration.

Country: United States
Label: Memento Mori
Genre: Death Metal
Year : 2016

1. Intro
2. Talent for Torture
3. Apocalyptic Wrath of the Undead
4. Chamber of Morbidity
5. Entrail Intruder
6. Open Casket Funeral Puker
7. Field of Mutilation
8. Coffin Breath
9. Sentenced to Gang Rape
10. Coven Crusher
11. Beheaded for the Bloodbath

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