VADER “Morbid Reich”

vader morbid reich


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“Morbid Reich” is acclaimed as one of the best selling death metal demos of all time.
Actually, it’s considered one of the best selling metal demos in the history of all metal, selling over 10,000 copies! This is piece of Death Metal worldwide history, essence of death metal showed the world that there was such a thing as metal behind the Iron Curtain that still existed at the time.
*Third the most acclaimed VADER demo
*Never before separately released on CD
*Released as a standard jewelcase cd with 8 pages booklet with extra photos, original lyrics and graphics.

Country: Poland
Label: Witching Hour Productions
Gener Death Metal
Year : 2015

1. From Beyond (Intro)
2. Chaos
3. Vicious Circle
4. Breath of Centuries
5. The Final Massacre
6. Reign-Carrion

You may listen HERE

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