VOMITOR “Pestilent Death”

VOMITOR Pestilent Death


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VOMITOR should need no introduction. For nearly 20 years now, these Aussie hooligans have been dominating the metal underground with their own, idiosyncratic brand of Total Death Metal. From their raucous ‘n’ ribald early demos to their utterly classic debut album, Bleeding the Priest, and onward, VOMITOR have been a study in staunch defiance and sheer uncompromising will. Each album of theirs is its own world, its own headspace, its own frothing,
ferocious beast of bedlam; and while the world around them continues to change, VOMITOR stand sure as steel, doggedly and deadly.

Country: Australia
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Gener: Death / Thrash Metal
Year : 2018

1. Tremolation
2. Roar of War
3. Abracadabra
4. Manic Oppression
5. Tremendous Insane
6. Pestilent Death
7. Hells Butcher

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