ZEALOTRY “The Charnel Expanse”

ZEALOTRY The Charnel Expanse


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Zealotry, from Boston (U.S.A.), are here to turn them all into a bloody pulp of useless organic garbage with their twisted, technical and surreal Death Metal that draws its influences from innovating acts such as Demilich, Timeghoul, early Atrocity, Immolation, Adramelech, Morbid Angel, Gorguts, The Chasm or Mitochondrion,
and mash them all up to create an aural entity of their very own in an escalating war of sounds and harmonies.

Country: United States
Label: Memento Mori
Genre: Death Metal
Year : 2014

1. Avatars of Contempt, Pt. I
2. Avatars of Contempt, Pt. II
3. Avatars of Contempt, Pt. III
4. The Dysgenicists
5. Blighted
6. Decaying Echoes
7. The Charnel Expanse
8. Codex Mysterium
9. Apex Predator
10. The Unmaking

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