ACHERONTAS “Amarta” [digipak]


Amarta (Formulas of Reptilian Unification Part II) is the eighth opus of the hermetic coven of Acherontas. After several magical journeys during the last decade, having led the innovation of the genre by using many meditative ritualistic parts, this time the Devil’s Art is summoned by the ACHERONTAS coven within the creation of a straight black metal album, rejecting the trend of an oversaturated scene that blindly joined the line of ritual ambient genre to attract the sheep with hollow visions. This is a revolt against the modern genre of extreme music, an artistic extremity to shutter every disbelief, a new oracle. Keep the fires of burning skulls high! Lepaca Lucifer!

The CD version of Amarta comes as a digipak CD, including a 20 pages booklet.

Country: Greece
Label: World Terror Committee
Year: 2017
Genre: Black Metal

1. Tablets of Mercury
2. Schism of Worlds
3. I-AM Ness – The Tradition of EYE
4. Sopdet Denudata
5. Yesod Inversum
6. Rosa Andromeda
7. Savikalpa Samadhi
8. Amarta

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