AOSOTH “V: The Inside Scriptures” [digipak]


Aosoth is the second project of vocalist & lyricist MkM (the founder of Antaeus) evolving in the black/death metal genre. While Antaeus sets boundaries for violent, grinding black metal, Aosoth delivers more dissonant and 90’s death metal elements combined with the work of guitarist & producer Bst (The Order Of Apollyon, VI), who compsed the music on the album. The duo is accompanied by bassist INRVI (the founder & mastermind of VI) and Saroth (Hell Militia/Temple of Baal) on second guitar.

“V: The Inside Scriptures” is a closing chapter of Aosoth’s musical and lyrical concept. Distinctive and downright suffocating, the album shows many differences to “III” & “IV: Arrow In Heart”, the two previous full-length releases, especially in terms of atmosphere. The recordings took nearly three years and were interrupted by many events in the personal lives of Bst & MkM. At some point, the album was about to be abandoned and never released.

Country: France
Label: Agonia Records
Year: 2017
Genre: Black Metal

1. A Heart to Judge
2. Her Feet upon the Earth, Blooming the Fruits of Blood
3. The Inside Scriptures
4. Premises of a Miracle
5. Contaminating All Tongues
6. Silver Dagger and the Breathless Smile

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