ASGRAUW “Krater”


Nostalgic about nineties black metal, the Dutch horde Asgrauw channels aggressive yet atmospheric sounds in their music.
Their second album “Krater” features epic riffing, blasting drums and alternately vocals on a lucent layer of keys. Expect adventurous compositions with moods and tempo’s in motion, topped off with spoken words and piercing screams. Traditional sounds of Darkthrone, Emperor and Ulver are subtly merged with an aggressive punk feel.

Country: Netherlands
Label: Hidden Marly Production
Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal

1. Krater
2. Sluimerende dood
3. Branie
4. Natuurgeweld
5. Verdoemenis
6. Littekens der verwoesting
7. Deken des doods
8. Achterland
9. Tot stof vergaan
10. Ondergang

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