Here is a split album between two of the most important band of the new wave of French neo-romantic black metal. “Ultra-Rural” is a tribute to France’s most hidden and untouched corners where the true French spirit is still alive. It is also a manifest against modernity and metropolitan social…

Country: France
Label:  Tour de Garde
Year: 2014
Genere: Black Metal

1. Autarcie – Ultra-Rural
2. Autarcie – Embrasement Clandestin
3. Autarcie – FolkMort
4. Autarcie – Notre sous-France
5. Autarcie – La Fin du Trimardeur
6. Baise Ma Hache – Les saigneurs du pleur
7. Baise Ma Hache – Au crépuscule d’une époque
8. Baise Ma Hache – Ma Meute
9. Baise Ma Hache – Grand Bornand 44

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