AZARATH “Infernal Blasting”


Pure Satanic Death Metal massacre with unbelieveably fast drums blasted out by Inferno himself. Crushing production and heavy as fuck sound. A must!

“To cut it short, “Infernal Blasting” is a must-have in any serious record collection; that said, you can stop reading this review immediately in order to get this fabulous record without losing too much time. Make no mistake, and acquire this record without delay.
A KILL!!!! /Edouard Vergriete – Voices From The Darkside/


Country: Poland
Label: Pagan Records
Year: 2003
Genre: Death Metal

1.Legacy of Tyrant Goat
2.Nuclear Revelation
3.False God / Burn in Hell
4.Demon Speed
6.Damned to Hell
7.Infested with Sin
8.Joy of Mutilation
9.Born to Rot

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