BLACK BEAST “Arctic Darkness” [digipak]


BLACK BEAST return to survey the carnage with second album Arctic Darkness. A simple-yetelegant title, Arctic Darkness is the sound of BLACK BEAST maximizing that atmosphere. The Motorcharge is most definitely still there, as is the almost-sexual surge suggestive of classic Impaled Nazarene – grandfathers of both Finnish black metal AND bringing back the Motorhead influence into black metal at large – but with a subtly ubliminal glaze of synths and a wider variation of tempos and general songcraft, the now-quartet march into new realms across this Arctic Darkness (bassist Xilobye joined the band prior to the album); just witness the utterly EPIC ten-minute closer, “Hymn of the Freezing Wind,” where clean ‘n’ chorused guitars play counterpoint to a sleazy four-on-the-floor beat…truly, this landscape is a much more brazen one.

Country: Finland
Label: Primitive Reaction
Year: 2022
Genre: Black Metal

1. Intro
2. Black Magic and Witchcraft
3. Fullmoon
4. Sadistic Act in Demonic Lust
5. Four Days in Paradise of Fornication
6. Depths of Damnation
7. Kuoleman kylmästä kosketuksesta
8. Night of the Arctic Darkness
9. I Am He
10. Summon the Angels
11. Hymn of the Freezing Wind

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