BUSTUM “Voices from the Past 1994-1995”


Pure fucking diabolic sound from the best time of Polish Black Metal scene.
We’ve done nothing to hide that rawness.
All demos are available on CD for the first time three unpublished tracks.
This is Possessed Black Metal !!!!
Limited to 300 copies.

Country: Poland
Label: Dark Omens Production
Year: 2015
Genre: Possessed Black Metal

1. Intro
2. The Mystery of the Pagan Evil
3. Prologue
4. Call from the Abyss
5. Epilogue
6. Beyond Death Door
7. Outro
8. Valkyries Ride
9. Gates of Valhalla
10. The Valkyrie
11. Burnt Witches Return
12. First Day of the Aryan War
13. Time of Ragnarok

Bonus from A Caress of Twilight
14. The Aryan Call for War

15. When the Ancient Ones Return
16.Demoniac Blessing
17. Pagan Night

You may listen HERE