CHAOS INVOCATION “Devil, Stone & Man” [digipak]


Devil, Stone & Man is inarguably CHAOS INVOCATION’s most direct and aggressive album to date, and one give horrific power through its massive & molten production, which handily challenges those naysayers who claim true black metal can’t palatably possess “professional” recording. Its ultraviolence twists and turns but ever moves forward, downward, diving across dazzling depths and heights with the ease of masters. Truly, CHAOS INVOCATION’s already-sturdy songwriting has been given an uptick in detail and nuance here, sounding sweeping and ceremonial as it does teeth-gnashingly harsh and harrowing. A whirlwind, a vortex, both and beyond: CHAOS INVOCATION have been qualified as these before, but now one can add world-eating dreadnought to that list, as well, with Devil, Stone & Man.

Country: Germany
Label: World Terror Committee
Year: 2022
Genre: Black Metal

1. Strike of the Dominator’s Fist
2. A Stranger’s Pale Hand
3. Diabolical Hammer
4. Odonata Fields
5. Where We Have Taken the Cross
6. Triple Fire
7. Curses upon You
8. The Revolting Abyss
9. Sacrifices

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