DEAD DOG’S HOWL “Black Circle Transcendency” [digipak]


The Morbid Void Metal beckons hither with the debut album from Dead Dog’s Howl! Haunted duo: Dreyer and Rasputin manifest the early Necromantia legacy under the eclipse of a new aeon! Incantations are provided from the sages Jim Mutilator, The Magus and
Traumatic Patrick Kremer. Eternal souls are forfeit within the rites of “Black Circle Transcendency”!

Country: United States/Poland
Label: Fallen Temple
Year: 2021
Genre: Black Metal

1. …the Mystical Beckoning…
2. Iehi Aour
3. Nyagrodha
4. …Towards the Immutable Quest…
5. …We Descend with Pride…
6. Pandemonium
7. …Under the Spell of Baron…
8. Black Circle Transcendency
9. …into the Morbid Void…

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