DIVERCIA “Cycle Of Zero”


Second full-length album by Finnish Melodic Death/Gothic Metal band.
Combined with a very powerful production the whole thing results in a very interesting, variable and at times surprisingly heavy Gothic Metal album, which lets the lines between the genres blur here and there. Some might be put off a bit by the partly typical Gothic Metal voice, others by the harsher vocals, but exactly that lets DIVERCIA stand out of the mainstream and that already is worth something. CD includes video-clip of the song “Overwhelming”.
For fans of: Sentenced, Norther, To Die For, Kalmah and Children Of Bodom.

Country: Finland
Label: Karmageddon Media
Year: 2004
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

1. Of Steel & Man
2. Iron Hearted Cross
3. Overwhelming
4. Cycle of Zero
5. Underground
6. 7.62
7. 2nd Ghost
8. Start at the End
9. God for Gold

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