ETERNAL MAJESTY “Eternal Recordings”


Legendary French Black Metal band featuring members of Aosoth & Antaeus.
Compilation featuring demos and split eps never released on cd.

Tracks 1-3: Split with Antaeus
Tracks 4-6: Unholy Chants of Darkness EP
Tracks 7-8: Demo 3
Tracks 9-12: Split with Judas Iscariot / Krieg / Macabre Omen

Country: France
Label: A Fine Day to Die Records
Year: 2018
Genre: Black Metal

1. Intro
2. The Dragon’s Lake
3. Frost
4. Intro / Le Christ Roi
5. The Warlord
6. On My Throne / Outro
7. Night’s Evilness
8. The Return of the Frozen Wind
9. Intro
10. Soyons les pierres du temple noir
11. Pandaemonium
12. Under the Sign of Evil

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